FICO DMP has been named a market leader in decision management software platforms by IDC MarketScape report

IDC has released new MarketScape report: Worldwide Decision Management Software Platform 2014 Vendor Assessment, in which FICO’s Decision Management Platform has been named the leader, beating offerings from IBM, SAS and Oracle. You can get a copy of the report from here:

Way to go folks! Atheora, Inc. is proud to be FICO’s partner in developing DMP and delivering this cutting edge technology to the customers.

Grasp Logo Capture

Introducing Grasp

We are proud to release the first version of Grasp for technology preview and beta testing.

Grasp is a cloud-based tool that fills the gap between programmers and regular users. It allows non-technical people to edit complex configuration documents and scripts without forcing them to learn and memorize various programming and domain-specific languages. It is much more flexible than traditional database-driven configuration forms, yet is much more user-friendly and easy to learn and use than scripting languages and text-based configuration files.

The way how Grasp works is that first developers create “grammars” – schemas that describe the structure of a domain-specific language that they want to give to users as a way to configure their solution. A web-based editor is automatically generated from the grammar, and it is also possible to develop custom template-driven editor format.

The documents edited by users are essentially models that store the Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) of the language. By implementing template-driven output formats (code generators) developers can produce an output from the model that will look exactly how their solution needs to see it – a configuration file, a script, or something else.

When model changes are saved, output is automatically generated from the model and can be delivered to a solution in real time using publish-subscribe mechanism.

You can check it out at

New Offshore Development Center in Minsk, Belarus

We have partnered with some brilliant folks from Belarus and established a new offshore development center in Minsk. The initial projects are to build several core components for the DMP platform and to participate in development of the Grasp model-driven DSL and configuration platform that Atheora has been working on for a while now.

Minsk is well known in post-Soviet space as a great IT hub and a home to several universities that have strong computer science education faculties. The team is being formed from a pool of talented and seasoned software developers and architects that are very proficient in Java, JavaScript and web development.

We welcome new team members!

Building new FICO Decision Management Platform

We have been invited by FICO to help them to architect and develop their new ambitious project: a cloud-based platform for rapid implementation of decision management-related solutions. Decision management tools and applications is FICO’s main business, but this new product is interesting because first and foremost it is a general-purpose PaaS (“Platform as a Service”) ecosystem, using which clients should be able to stand up and connect services into complete business applications in a matter of minutes.

It will combine component-based architecture, lifecycle management, security, rapid UI development tools, data management and reporting into one powerful beast that should give FICO clients huge boost in agility, not to mention lowering their IT development and maintenance costs.

We are involved in work on the very core of the platform, writing interface specifications and building the main controller of the system, called DMP Manager. This is a very challenging and very exciting project for us!

Atheora Is Helping PayPal

We’ve been commissioned by PayPal to review their current risk and compliance rules implementation running on IBM’s ODM (former ILog JRules) platform and provide recommendations on BRMS product that would be able to keep up with the company’s ever-growing needs for flexible and efficient decision management.

Blaze Advisor is our instrument of choice for large business rules implementations, but does it have all it takes to play such crucial role in one of the largest payment companies in the world? We shall see.

An Example of Using Blaze Advisor in Insurance Industry

In late 2012-2013 we participated in a large POC to one of the biggest US insurance companies specializing in the auto, property and casualty market segments. The goal was to extract rules from COBOL code running on a mainframe, port them to Blaze Advisor and integrate with their TIBCO BusinessWorks-based ESB infrastructure using web services.

Apart from modernizing architecture, one of the major drivers behind this initiative was to give business users direct control over the logic that applied and calculated various insurance premium discounts. So not only we needed to deploy business rules as a web service on IBM WebSphere, we also needed to expose them via a web-based rule maintenance application (RMA).

We’ve met and exceeded every goal set for the POC. Blaze Advisor proved to be the most performant and stable part of the entire solution, delivering decisions in real time in just few milliseconds and consuming less than 4% of the overall system resources. Another job well done.