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Introducing Grasp

We are proud to release the first version of Grasp for technology preview and beta testing.

Grasp is a cloud-based tool that fills the gap between programmers and regular users. It allows non-technical people to edit complex configuration documents and scripts without forcing them to learn and memorize various programming and domain-specific languages. It is much more flexible than traditional database-driven configuration forms, yet is much more user-friendly and easy to learn and use than scripting languages and text-based configuration files.

The way how Grasp works is that first developers create “grammars” – schemas that describe the structure of a domain-specific language that they want to give to users as a way to configure their solution. A web-based editor is automatically generated from the grammar, and it is also possible to develop custom template-driven editor format.

The documents edited by users are essentially models that store the Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) of the language. By implementing template-driven output formats (code generators) developers can produce an output from the model that will look exactly how their solution needs to see it – a configuration file, a script, or something else.

When model changes are saved, output is automatically generated from the model and can be delivered to a solution in real time using publish-subscribe mechanism.

You can check it out at