An Example of Using Blaze Advisor in Insurance Industry

In late 2012-2013 we participated in a large POC to one of the biggest US insurance companies specializing in the auto, property and casualty market segments. The goal was to extract rules from COBOL code running on a mainframe, port them to Blaze Advisor and integrate with their TIBCO BusinessWorks-based ESB infrastructure using web services.

Apart from modernizing architecture, one of the major drivers behind this initiative was to give business users direct control over the logic that applied and calculated various insurance premium discounts. So not only we needed to deploy business rules as a web service on IBM WebSphere, we also needed to expose them via a web-based rule maintenance application (RMA).

We’ve met and exceeded every goal set for the POC. Blaze Advisor proved to be the most performant and stable part of the entire solution, delivering decisions in real time in just few milliseconds and consuming less than 4% of the overall system resources. Another job well done.